This page was inspired by Ann Friedman, whose newsletter and podcast I’m a huge fan of. This is nowhere near an exhaustive or complete list, and it doesn’t aim to be. Hope you find something new/useful for yourself here!

My collaborators 🤜🏽🤛🏽

  • Al Siew, inclusive barber who keeps me looking sharp
  • Cass Grant, storytelling, community development, zines, tarot
  • Dhany Soehartono, badass content and video producer, personal lipstick advisor
  • Dhiyanah Hassan, volcanic artist, writer, and energy worker
  • Furzann Sokri, barista and service industry pro, fermentation enthusiast and my main food tester
  • Juana Jaafar, my trusted voice on media and politics
  • Liy, writer, voice talent, the best information organizer and synthesizer I know
  • Nadia Mohd Rasidi, incisive writer, editor and academic focused on popular culture & fat positivity
  • Nine, writer, editor, zinemaker, cat-sitter, biawak-lover

Some of my fave Global South creators 💎

Initiatives I support 💌

Apps that organize my life 📝

Always 🍜