Facilitation & Speaking

Through my work with human rights organisations, I’ve had the opportunity to learn and practice facilitation skills to hold and co-create a safe and productive space for participants to unpack issues, gain knowledge, exchange thoughts and feelings and collaborate on visions and solutions in service of shared goals. In a similar vein, I’ve been privileged to be invited to speak or moderate panels, talks, webinars and other similar formats on issues including gender based violence, gender equality, Malaysian arts, and the intersection of rights, gender equality and technology.

Workshops & Trainings

Hacking Hate Virtual Camp, KRYSS Network | 2020

“The first ever convening on hacking hate organised virtually by KRYSS Network to bring together participants from a diverse group of background i.e. media, research, advocacy, content creators, influencers, techies etc to unpack and strategise against online hate speech and gender-based violence. It is also a rethinking around a safer and inclusive digital event space that is based on the principles of non-discrimination, gender equality and one that is centred around gendered experiences and relationship with technology.” I was part of a team of five facilitators for this convening, which happened through online platforms such as Mattermost, Zoom, and Miro.

Quoted text from the Camp invitation sent to participants

Hubs for Good Management Skills and Funding Workshops, British Council Malaysia | 2019

As arts manager at British Council Malaysia, I worked with the Head of Arts and Creative Industries, three local hub leaders and My Performing Arts Agency to collaboratively plan and deliver workshops focused on management skills and funding for local creative hub leaders. The management skills workshop was held in three states (KL, Penang and Sabah) and featured sharing of different hub management models, discussing the important values and skillsets for good managers, mapping challenges and brainstorming possible solutions and responses. The Funding workshop spanned 2 days, hosted in APW Bangsar, and brought together 20+ participants from all over Malaysia. Participants heard presentations on funding processes from different speakers and then worked on a mock grant proposal they presented in front of a panel of judges from different arts funding bodies.

Tarot for Beginners Workshop, co-facilitated with Liy Yusof | 2019

A half day workshop to explore tarot as a storytelling and reflection tool. We covered the basics of the tarot cards (major and minor arcana, suits and elements, numerology basics, court / face cards) and the basics of reading and interpretation.

Politicisation of Ethnicity and Religion, All Women’s Action Society Malaysia | 2015-2018

The objective of the PER programme is to host safe spaces for dialogue that help participants better understand how the politicisation of ethnicity and religion impacts on society, particularly women. AWAM’s goal for the PER programme was to “create alternative understandings and narratives on ethnicity and religion in Malaysia, one that embraces and celebrates diversity and adheres to human rights principles, rather than seeking to punish or persecute difference.” I facilitated and observed workshops for three years as a trainer.

Portions taken from AWAM’s (now defunct) page on PER

Young Women Making Change, International Women’s Rights Action Watch Asia Pacific (IWRAW) and KRYSS Network | 2014

Under a two-year gender equality advocacy and empowerment program run by International Women’s Rights Action Watch (IWRAW) Asia Pacific and funded by UN Women a training of trainers (TOT) was held in Hanoi that brought together young gender equality advocates from four Southeast Asian countries. Following that IWRAW collaborated with Malaysian partner KRYSS Network to hold a gender equality advocacy empowerment workshop for young women to be co-facilitated by the four Malaysian participants of the TOT. For more on the work I participated in for this programme beyond the TOT and workshop, click here.


The Refugee Festival, Art as a form of resistance and also a unifying factor: Where is Malaysia at? | 2020
RogueArt and Art Kepoh, Art Goes On? Forum | 2020
Art For Grabs, DIY Artists: Disorganised or Self-Organised? panel | 2017

Public Speaking

KRYSS Network, Neither Revenge Nor Porn: Webinar on Non-Consensual Dissemination of Intimate Images (NCII) | 2020
Nottingham University, Year 3 class on Gender, Sexuality and Media, Guest Speaker on the Feminist Principles of the Internet | 2019
Malaysia Design Archive, Feminist zines & the Circulation of Provocation | 2017
Art For Grabs, Gila Seks, Gila Kuasa – Siapa Mangsa? panel | 2015
Oh My Gender Festival, Mana Pompuan Lain panel | 2015

Photo credits: Leftmost image from The Star.