Biawak Gemok Zine Distro 2017 – 2018

Biawak Gemok sources, stocks, and sells zines and donates almost all its profits to raise funds for Justice For Sisters (a legal fund for Malaysia’s persecuted transwomen), and Chow Kit drop-in centre PBKS (Pusat Bantuan Khidmat Sosial) run by non-profit SEED Foundation. The rest goes to covering operation costs and supporting zinemakers. Biawak Gemok was started in 2015; I was part of the collective from 2017 – 2018.

The distro carries zines on migration, religion, assimilation, sex work, life in the diaspora, alt history, lives affected by -isms and phobias, LGBT communities, feminism, mental health, and more in an effort to center voices that are typically silenced or just aren’t mainstream. Biawak Gemok also wants to make reading cheap and accessible, so our community can access non-profit knowledge, share experiences, and build solidarity through zine life. You can find out more on their Twitter and Instagram.