Hi, I’m Syar. I’m a writer, facilitator and occasional tarot reader based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Over the past decade plus, I’ve honed my focus on effective communication and creating productive spaces and circumstances for connection and collaboration. The overlapping fields I keep returning to are human rights-based work (organising, movement building, capacity building, solidarity, awareness, campaigning), the arts (arts management, literature, visual, performance) and communications (online/digital, storytelling, facilitation, community dynamics, tarot).

My best work happens in collaboration, with equally empowered and motivated creative / work partners as curious as I am about dismantling old systems that don’t work and building new, healthier, and more effective pathways forward. I want to tell impactful and engaging stories that matter and amplify voices doing the same, I participate in making a world that cares for all its inhabitants, I am pulled to hold space for collective meaning-making, and I like to create joyful things that move others.

I like to spend my free time being online too much, writing fanfiction, listening to podcasts, sewing, gardening, cooking, and taking pictures of my cat.


I’ve worked as: writer, editor, project / campaign coordinator, arts / production / residency / social media manager, rapporteur, facilitator, moderator, performer, speaker, teacher. I’ve enjoyed positive and fruitful working experiences with All Women’s Action Society Malaysia (AWAM), Association of Progressive Communications (APC), Biawak Gemok Zine Distro, British Council Malaysia, EMPOWER Malaysia, International Women’s Rights Action Watch Asia Pacific (IWRAW), ISSUE Magazine, KRYSS Network, La Trobe Student Theatre and Film, Rimbun Dahan Artist Residency, RogueArt, Think City.

For more of my work history and experience, check out the rest of this website or find me elsewhere online: contact | twitter | linkedin.


For the curious, it’s pronounced:

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