Where The Ink Spills

For ISSUE #18 SKIN, I organized a “fictional tattoo collaboration” with three artists: Dhiyanah Hassan, Michelle Francis, and Muizz Adam.

This collaboration came from an alter ego I had conjured and kept alive in my mind for a while now; a fantasy, an idea, a version of me with tattoos I had specifically mapped and designed, placed on alter me’s body with specific stories behind each tattoo. Then I thought of a blank slate, a blank body, a voodoo doll of sorts that could be passed around to would-be tattoo designers, and the narratives that would come from this patchwork. Based on the three designs made by each artist and their positioning on this blank body, I wrote a series of lives within lives anchored within this anonymous, tattooed person. Read it here.

My spine is a wishbone
that we broke in two, and
the bigger half went to you
Luck has never much been on my side,
but that hurt.