The Resilience of Echoes

In 2011, I embarked on my Honours year after three years doing a Bachelors in Creative Arts. My project revolved around exploring memory and impermanence in relation to death (specifically, the death of my mother in 1996) and how the relatively new and emerging genre of electronic literature possessed certain features that were ideal for hosting such an exploration, without flattening the dynamic, non-static and nebulous nature of memory.

The major result of this project was my own work of electronic literature, titled The Resilience of Echoes. It comes in the form of an executable Flash file, and can be read on a web browser (we’ve* tested it on the big 4 – Firefox, IE, Safari and Chrome). It is a work in progress, what I hope to be the first version of many and one day soon I plan to put it up online on its own website, for easier access.

For now, the file can be downloaded here, and to read it all you have to do is drag the .swf file to an empty tab on your browser.

I’ve written about The Resilience of Echoes on my Tumblr. The exegesis I wrote accompanying Resilience — the academic part of my Honours work — is now available to read here. It is titled Textures of Impermanence: an exploration of memory through the changing form of electronic literature and is 38 pages long.

If you’ve encountered the work or the exegesis and would like to send me some feedback, please do so by emailing theresilienceofechoes at gmail dot com.

*we being myself and the person who programmed Resilience, Andrew Price.

Resilience MAIN

Ambivalence 2 TROE

Silence TROE

100 years A

Falling Text 3

Ambivalence TROE

Echoes TROE

Redbud Text 37-38