The Player

The Player has been produced by La Trobe Student Theatre and Film since the 1990s. Its publication record has had a few extended hiatuses, the most recent of which was between 2007 and 2008. In 2009, my friend Jessica Zoch and I were offered the position of editor in chief and layout editor respectively, and we produced The Player again – as a double sided A4 folded over into a booklet, that we printed 50 copies off every month on the office printer.

In 2010, newly installed office manager Anneli Björåsen revived this old format and turned The Player into the behemoth of a web magazine it is today. From early 2010 to late 2011, she and I worked as a team – with me as editor-in-chief and layout editor and Anneli as content manager (Junior Editor Ana Boado would join us in 2011) – to produce a monthly magazine that contained news, reviews, articles and essays concerning not just Student Theatre & Film productions and happenings but also events and topics of interest in the wider Melbourne theatre, film, dance, music and performance scenes. The magazine was released as a PDF, emailed to Student Theatre & Film members and then put up online for downloading. In those two years, I helped produce 18 issues of The Player.

The back issues are still available for download here. You can also keep up with The Player on Facebook.

All front covers except the November 2011 issue cover were laid out and designed by Anneli Björåsen.

Cover photography credits (incomplete):

  • Jess Edwards for the March, May, June, July (2010) editions
  • Lachie Bell for the April, August, October (2010) and May (2011) editions
  • Mark Harris for the September 2010 edition
  • Kat O’Donnell for the November/December 2010 edition
  • Liam DJ for the March 2011 edition
  • Milly Hattam for the April and June 2011 edition
  • Matt Thole for the August/September 2011 edition

You can scroll through the different covers using your arrow keys or by clicking the arrows on either side of your screen.