Projek Dialog Panel on Sexual Harassment

Projek Dialog - SH Panel

I was invited by Projek Dialog to speak on their panel discussing sexual harassment, as a representative of Young Women Making Change Malaysia. The panel was held on November 22 2015, and I spoke alongside the other panellists – Dr Lai Suat Yan from University Malaya’s Gender Studies department, psychologist Vizla Kumaresan, and Vee Izhar of Justice for Sisters – and the moderator, Projek Dialog’s Yana Rizal (also a member of YWMC Malaysia). The discussion was a really full one, and we (panellists and audience members alike) covered a lot of different angles including how sexual harassment is part of the larger spectrum of gender based violence, the intersectionality of who gets affected by it as well as who perpetrates it, and how religion and ‘morality’ is used to justify incidences and silence victim survivors. It was a privilege to participate in the discussion, and I’m so grateful to Projek Dialog for organizing it and running such a good panel. 

After the panel, I was briefly interviewed by Malaysian Insider where I expanded some of the points regarding the culture of silence in Malaysia specifically around sexual harassment and other instances of gender based violence. You can read that article here.

Poster taken from Facebook. Feature image taken from Projek Dialog’s twitter.