Sometimes I sit in as an interviewer or guest for the monthly podcasts of ISSUE Magazine. Below are the links to podcasts I’ve conducted or been a part of.

ISSUE Podcast 001: On Loss (June 2012) 

I talk about the process of making The Resilience of Echoes, and how I juggled the roles of academic researcher, creative writer and daughter of the deceased, walking the line between my personal connection to the subject – my mother and her life and death – and my desire to draw meaningful work from the subject.

ISSUE Podcast 004: Purpose (September 2012)

Editors Al, Lutfi and Atiqah invited me to sit down with Raina Ng of WritersClub KL and we had a wonderful conversation about books, about writing and about our struggles as young, aspiring creative people who want to make things.

ISSUE Podcast 006: Addiction (November 2012)

I sit down with Petra Gimbad, a social worker and graduate student who has worked with street youth and underaged sex workers, to discuss the nature of addiction.

ISSUE Podcast 010: Film (March 2013)

My co-editor Al and I interview Nadiah Hamzah and Mo Bahir of Wayangworks, a local production company, and talk about filmmaking and the hustle of making money to make dreams happen.

ISSUE Podcast 011: Money (April 2013)

I, along with fellow editors Al and Atiqah, sat down to talk money with two young entreprenurs: Beh Shao Min, who runs her own business Maxsure Trading, and Li-Ann Wong, who is part of the team developing an app named Sejester.