About Me

Hi, my name’s Syar S. Alia. 


I’m currently based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and I’m skilled and experienced in project management, communications, writing, editing, arts administration, facilitation, and public speaking.

My day job is Arts Manager for Rimbun Dahan‘s art residency programs. Before that I was the editor, social media manager and special projects editor for online publication and platform ISSUE Magazine (2012 – 2014). I’m 1/3rd of the radical zine distro Biawak Gemok. My collaborator and I provide tarot readings for individuals and events through our outfit, Mellow Tarot.

My interests are memoir, women’s narratives, marginalized voices, reworked myths and fairytales, tarot, dystopian futures, collage and pastiche, fanfiction and fandom, crafts, theatre and performing arts, history (especially South East Asian history), feminism, human rights, busting binaries and old constructs, memory, death, technology, and cats.

I’m currently looking for new job opportunities! For my work history and experience, you can find me on LinkedIn. I’m available to:

  • Manage projects and communications related to visual and performing arts, publishing, research and/or awareness raising for human rights issues. I’m open to new fields and ideas!
  • Write and/or edit non-fiction, features, essays, interviews, arts and culture coverage, and poetry
  • Moderate panels and events on writing, art, women’s rights, indie publishing, etc
  • Facilitate workshops on writing and women’s rights
  • Do a tarot reading (individual or events)

Feel free to drop me an email for questions or more info.

PS: It’s pronounced –