let the young (who know best) be heard

A poem I wrote for ISSUE #14: YOUTH, a self-righteous, self-absorbed screed against aging, and ultimately, against the foolish, foolhardy naivete of youth. I also made an accompanying video and recording of my reading of the poem.

Read the full poem here. Find the rest of my work for ISSUE Magazine here.

spend everyone else’s money
waste nothing on guilt, why worry?
direction is a luxury and you
are free to lose nothing,
learn to love nothing,
do it obnoxiously, shove it
in people’s faces, cut a hole
in yourself so everyone can see
the kind of idiot who thinks
joy is pain
who thinks defining joy
will take the edge off of
not having it, but you’re also
the kind of idiot who cannot
tolerate pain, so learn to hurt.
learn to use it like currency.