Double Helix Zine

When I asked for earrings for my 25th birthday, my friend Dhiyanah Hassan was the only one that went and got me three pairs. Somehow this led to us talking about making a zine about earrings. We didn’t have a clue about what that would look like, but we thought well maybe it could be purely visual, an attempt by both of us to design intricate and weird jewellery on paper. But we’re both creatures of words, and after much discussion on jewellery as armour, as a woman’s wealth and value, as property, of parts of the adorned body as uncontested space, of self-mutilation for the idea of beauty, we came up with Double Helix, a small mini zine of 7 poems and 2 illustrations about the ritual and personal meaning behind an earring.

We made a small batch of these zines to sell at the Yayasan Sime Darby Arts Festival on September 13 & 14. Each zine comes with a handmade cover with individually designed disposable paper earrings, and instructions on how to detach the earrings and wear them. We’re not currently selling these online, but if you’d like a copy they’re going for RM10, and you can email meĀ about getting one.

Double Helix Spread smaller