Chew 2: Good For You

My brilliant friend, Cass Grant, made a zine in 2011 called Chew, and the first issue’s theme was “Ethnic Food For White People” and the content was more awesome than even the kick ass title. So when she sent round an email asking for submissions for the second issue, I jumped at the chance to participate.

I wrote a piece called “Haram”, about my experiences with the choices you make in your life and the choices your life (and environment, and upbringing, and circumstances) makes for you. Specifically I wrote about alcohol, and struggling with why I didn’t drink it, like specifically, exactly, why.

The zine is made up of other brilliant gems by some excellent people. My personal favourites would have to be Dhany Soehartono’s “Diptych” about drinking and dislocation, Cass Grant’s “Cabin Fever” and F.R.’s “Good For You”. The zine is full of other poems, articles and an illustration of Jarvis Cocker with banana bread.

You can buy Chew #2 here. Chew #1 is also still available, and can be purchased here.

Chew 2 a

Chew 2 e

Chew 2 b

Chew 2 d