A Moment on the Lips

Every year, La Trobe Student Theatre and Film puts on an off-campus production in August. In 2010, I was asked to direct one of two productions that would be put on in rep — my very first full-length play — A Moment on the Lips, by Jonathan Gavin, an all-female production revolving around a group of women dealing with all manners of familial, romantic and friendly relationships.

The following are the various promotional images I designed for the production, with photographs I took, thanks to a camera loan by Jess Edwards of GoreJess Photography. Shots from the production are also included. Production photography was done by Mark Harris.

Cast: Libbee King, Sakuna McArthur, Sophie Petridis, Sarah Pratt, Meighan Spicer, Madeleine Stewart and Kaitlyn Trollope.

A Moment on the Lips Poster

AMOTL Yoga Full Set

AMOTL Party Hats

AMOTL Meighan Spotlight

AMOTL Paper Flying

AMOTL Flawed Panorama

AMOTL Disposable

Lips Program Front FINAL