2014 Writing Highlights

  • “My spine is a wishbone/ that we broke in two, and/ the bigger half went to you/ Luck has never much been on my side,/ but that hurt.” I wrote a country song. This poem written for an imaginary tattoo on an imaginary body is best read aloud, near the sea.
  • “Walking past my old houses, I am seized by a desire to open the doors and step inside; to see if I can travel back and touch the life lived between their walls.” An essay about my old neighbourhood, which happens to be the main campus of the country’s oldest university. My first feature for a print magazine! Read it here.
  • I didn’t write this, but I wrote the questions that people answered, which we recorded and then I stitched into a collaborative storytelling experiment to commemorate the end of the online magazine my friends and I worked on for 2 years.
  • A flash poem based on three words: machine(s), hunger, cool.
  • Dhi and I made a small batch of poetry zines in September based on earrings, called Double Helix. I wrote a poem based on the parts of the ear, I called it Tearitorries (get it?). It starts: “Here they call an absence/ of the skin a sacred nothing”
  • secret roar: my month working the worst job I’ve ever had. “I could feel myself preening inside then hating myself, small blooms of a confused pride wilting quickly. What do you do with compliments from people whose values do not match yours?”
  • In a lot of ways i’m wishing for a shorter memory, something that doesn’t bleed into the new boxes, something that doesn’t stain” October was a hard month, it kept bleeding.
  • The issues have evolved; inequality, oppression, injustice, violence, marginalization, and apathy are still monsters we have to fight.” My short Youth Diary entry for the UN Women newsletter.